Clapping and Ringing Bells!

Space Clearing, Spring Cleaning and Revitalising the Energy of your Home.

Even though it may not feel it on this chilly first day of February, Spring will soon be with us and with the emerging bulbs and the longer days invariably comes the urge to throw off winter and get ready for Spring.

We all know that clearing clutter in our homes makes us feel better. When things are in order and we have more space around us it affects how we feel inside. Spring cleaning is good for the soul.

Our surroundings affect us in so many ways.
In dream interpretation a house is seen as a representation of ourselves, and in waking life too, the home can be read like that.

By looking at our home in a different way and with an understanding of its symbolic nature, we can, with a kind of sympathetic magic alter and affect the energy of our home and by correspondence our selves.

Here are ten tips to get your home energised and ready for Spring...

  1. Clear clutter! If you think of your home as a reflection of your self, you will understand the importance of this. Get rid of stuff or put it in order and tidy it away out of sight.

    If there are spots that get regularly cluttered, put a big vase of flowers or a fruit bowl there instead. Don't give it any room to get cluttered.

  2. Look at what you are holding on to?

    Are you holding on to objects that you don't like? Presents or keepsakes from people you have negative feelings about? Are you keeping anything that makes you sad? or that bring unhappy feelings. Do you keep things out of obligation?

    Think of these things as having residence in your psyche, taking up space. Think if you really want those things around any more. Things are not people, it is okay to let them go.

  3. Clean, sweep, polish. Pay special attention to corners and under things. 'Don't sweep things under the carpet.'

  4. Now you have got your home physically clean, lets move on to think of the things in your home symbolically. Look around at the images in your home. How do they make you feel?

    Does your life feels stagnant and boring? Perhaps think of changing the still peaceful landscape picture for something involving movement and excitement.

    Life too busy? Surround yourself with peaceful tranquil images.

    Are you looking for love? Do your images reflect solitary figures? Replace them with something that says 'love' to you.

  5. Now some feng shui basics, whether you believe in it or not, the very act of you deliberately placing objects with intent is a powerful one and will have an affect.

    Stand in the doorway to any room in your home, now looking inside the far right corner is the relationship corner. Put something there that symbolises a happy relationship for you. Things in pairs are good, healthy plants, use your imagination find something that symbolises that to you.

    Now look to the far left corner, that is your money corner! Again use your imagination here!

    In mine I have a jade plant (money tree) and standing beneath it is a smiling fat happiness buddha with his hands in the air, he is also a money box and has a slot in the back of his head that regularly gets a pound coin or two dropped inside.

    What could you use in your corner?

    The centre of a room, or your house as a whole, represents health.

    I knew a lady who had chronic illness and pain. I was walking up the staircase in the very centre of her home and noticed that the whole stairwell was filled with etchings of hunting scenes with animals caught in traps. She was seeing suffering every time she passed by. I had to say something, it just stuck out as so obvious. She listened and replaced them with tranquil landscapes that denoted peace to her.

    Look at the centre of your home in that light. You don't have to have anything symbolic there, just make sure that it is clean and uncluttered.

  6. Make sure all the mirrors and windows are clean (I am groaning as I look at mine.) They represent clear vision. We all want to be able to see clearly and for our reflections to be clean and bright. Sorry to be making work for you. :-)

  7. Open the windows and doors let some fresh air in. Make sure all doors open freely and are not blocked or cluttered. Again think symbolically.

  8. Now all the clearing and fresh air should have got the place feeling great, but there is one final step to get the place sparkling and to move any stagnant energy especially in the corners.

    This is a really interesting exercise because if you listen carefully you can actually hear the results. You can just use your hands, or if you have a small bell with a really pure clear note you can use that too. The object here is to move the energy, disperse it, liven it up.

    Stand in a room and clap your hands and listen carefully to how it sounds, you are looking for a loud resounding clap. Now go and stand in the corner of a room and clap your hand there and listen again. In some places the sound will sound dull, a sign you need to keep clapping in that spot until you get a clear sound. Clap up and down, floor to ceiling, until the sound has a crisp ring to it and the dull sound has gone.

    Follow the same procedure if you are using the bell. The sound waves move the air and the energy, and you can hear by listening to the tone when the energy is finally clear.

    Energy in corners tends to get stagnant and is usually where you find the dull tones. If you have already used the rest of these steps, the energy should be pretty clear anyway.

    Also useful to freshen the atmosphere of a room after an illness or argument.

  9. Now your home should be sparkling and feel very different to when you started. If you want to at this point you can imagine each room filled with a sparkling white light. Make sure to breathe it in and fill yourself up too!

  10. Take some time to observe your surrounding with the mind set that they are a reflection of you and your psyche. Does your home reflect who you are now?

    What can be done to make it an accurate reflection of you now?
I will be doing this as soon as Spring fever hits! For now I shall look around my home and check if it is a good up to date reflection for me. I'll take special notice of the blind spots, the things I'm so used to, that I don't even 'see' any more. Oooh, I am exhausted thinking about it! I think I need a cup of tea. :-).

Do you want one?

"I will act as if I do make a difference." - William James


scireg said...

Oh,great post .I really like it ^^!

Susannah said...

Thanks scireg. :-)

Jennifer said...

Great post Susannah. I love the thought of thinking - and acting upon - my home in terms of energy. I'm sure you're giving many people a reason to look forward to spring cleaning!

Susannah said...

Hi Jennifer, it really is quite a fascinating and empowering experience to look at your home that way. Now we just need Spring to arrive so we can get going! :-)

rel said...

Yes indeedy; a cup of tea is just the thing right this moment.... TaTa.

Susannah said...

:-) a cup of tea coming up. Thanks for visiting Rel.

Mari G said...

Hi Susannah.

I love this post. De-cluttering has such a good feel. I need to do it NOW...thanks for the reminder!


Susannah said...

Hi Mari,

I have been trying to resist the urge to get started on spring cleaning ever since I wrote this! I was looking at my windows today but it is blowing a gale out there!

Hmmm, I suppose I could make a start on decluttering. :-)

Good to see you, thanks for dropping by. x

Lynda Lehmann said...

Yes, I would love a cup of tea!

And I too, know that I have my work cut out for me this spring, when I will have many cleaning and organizing projects.

It's so true that our homes/houses reflect what goes on inside of us. I hope nobody sees MY house this month!

Susannah said...

Hi Lynda, I will join you for that cup of tea. :-)

You made me smile when you said that you hope that nobody see's the inside of your house this month. I know the feeling! LOL

So nice to see you here again.

Suz said...

Oh Susannah, this was wonderful
But isn't it curious that we must constantly do this..we never learn to keep it cleared
Yesterday my grandson took my bells and walked all over the house chasing the cats..bells ringing in all corners...boy it feels good today in my house

Susannah said...

Hi Suz, good to see you and am glad to hear that your bells have been ringing! x

hpicasso said...

wow...can I just move and start fresh?...if this works, I'll start ofers much hope

Peace, hp
glad you like the photo


Susannah said...

Hi hp, I loved the 'can I just move' comment it made me smile, smiling is always a good thing. Thanks for visiting and your photo really was beautiful. :-)

jabblog said...

What a wonderfully informative and positive post! Your points make a lot of sense - thank you:-)

Susannah said...

Good to see you jabblog. :-)

Rajesh said...

Hey Su,

Nothing much happening on this blog... all well?

Susannah said...

Hi Rajesh, thanks for popping in.

Yes all is well thank you, I just don't seem to have much inspiration to write anything for this blog at the moment. Have you any suggestions for subject matter?

Good to see you. :-)

Kacy Fletcher said...

Love this blog... I love anything Feng Shui. A relatively simple way to make some changes and improvement to life.


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