Blogs, Awards and Seven Things!

A few days ago I found a really nice message left in my comments from Jen Morrison at Realia where she let me know that she has kindly issued me a Kreativ Blogger award. What a lovely suprise! So my job, is to pass it along:

As I can't pass it back to Jen, I will pass it on to some bloggers that in my opinion deserve to receive a Kreativ Blogger award for their lovely blogs!

So firstly I would like to pass one on to Barbara at Serenity Space where she documents (as she says herself in her tagline) "One woman's journey, backwards and forwards, through domestic bliss and chaos as she seeks some enlightenment and inner peace!" I always enjoy her blog posts and she definitely deserves an award and I am glad I am able to give it to her. :-)

Next in line is Joyce Mason for her blog Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights where her tagline is "Live a Spirited Life - look both ways for signs at the crossroads" Joyce, is a friendly, positive and prolific blogger, who actually gave me my first award early in my blogging days, it was much appreciated, as is Joyce and her sunny attitude.

Then I would like to pass an award on to Tamara, over at her blog, ;)semicolonsmile as she herself says "I notice little things and dream big things." I always enjoy visiting and enjoy her varied and sometimes quirky posts that make me smile ;-).

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to pass on the award to Oriana Green at Green Meditations for her truly beautiful and inspiring blog. Her tagline is "Meditations on nature as a spiritual and creative path" and if you have never visited, then please remedy that immediately! Her wonderful photos and evocative writing will definitely uplift you.

So thank you all for your blogs and enjoy your award, and thanks again to Jen for starting this whole ball rolling! :-)

Now I’m supposed to list seven things I like, not including people:

  1. Nature: A constant source of beauty, wonder and incredible energy. Big beautiful skies and magnificent clouds, raging oceans and tinkling streams, lush green grass and majestic trees (I could go on for EVER!).

  2. Animals: I love them all, from the birds who visit my garden, to the spider who inhabits my bathroom, and of course the three wonderful purring bundles of fur who share my life.

  3. My connection to my inner life: my higher self, my soul, god, the universe, whatever you want to call it! I feel it and I am so grateful for that.

  4. Colours: I love colour, it takes my breath away, I am moved by it, energised by it, I can often be found staring at something obscure as I go about my daily life because of its wonderful colour.

  5. Astrology: Not for its predictions or its sometimes glib exterior but the real deep symbolic language that it is and the understanding it has given me about who I am and my inner, psychological workings.

  6. Blogging: I love being able to sit in my home and be able to have a creative outlet, to be able to connect with people from all over the planet, to share my thoughts and be able to peek into other peoples lives too and to develop friendships with some wonderful people. ;-)

  7. Car boot sales: A peculiarly English thing ;-) where on Sunday mornings people drive to a field with their cars stuffed to the gills with things they no longer want or need and set it out for the swarming hoards of people, who rummage and browse in search of treasure! all at bargain prices (next to nothing). I love to browse, there is always that element of surprise, what will I find today?! Wonderful. . . I am hooked.

So that's my seven and I now pass the baton on to you!

Only if you want to play of course! don't feel obliged.

You can also find these lovely bloggers on twitter!

Barbara - Serenity Space - @aurora111

Joyce - Hot Flashbacks - @joycemason

Tamara - ;) semicolonsmile - @tamarahellgren

Oriana - Green Meditations - @naturespirits

. . . and I am on twitter as @joyfrequencies

(Don't forget to drop in on Jen at Realia where she gives us a good reminder to - "Pay attention – there's a story everywhere you go".)

The Importance of Updating

"As long as habit and routine dictate the pattern of living, new dimensions of the soul will not emerge." - Henry van Dyke

I was thinking recently of the importance of updating. We feel it natural to update our homes, to redecorate now and then, to freshen it up, or to give it a new look, and usually, despite the upheaval of furniture moving, paint splashes and the inevitable clutter it brings to the surface, we feel better when it is done.

The newly done surroundings are invigorating and stimulating (unless of course you have a really bad colour scheme going on. lol) and it makes a difference to how you feel in the space. As these bouts of transformation are usually accompanied by clearing out old stuff too it can feel like a breath of fresh air to inhabit this familiar space.

The same is true about our personal look and style. Some people update their image regularly, trying out new hairstyles and changing clothes with the trends. Most of us tend to go with what is tried and true and once we get past the teenage experimental stage, never think of moving much out of our comfort zone.

Which brings me back to what I originally meant to write about.

Updating our mindset.
So often, we make up our minds about something and it becomes a 'fixed belief'. In fact we no longer even question it, it just becomes 'the way it is'.

This is the way we as humans work, we can't keep constantly questioning our choices, likes, dislikes etc. or it would use up all of our conscious mind (our RAM - in computer speak) so once we have decided something, it is relegated to our subconscious mind, which then goes about its business quietly beneath the surface, deciding things for us based on previously inputted information.

That's great (most of the time) as it leaves us free to use our consciousness for everyday living. The downside comes through us no longer questioning certain beliefs, preferences etc. We don't even notice that these subconscious decisions are being made, so we miss out on the chance to update our judgements of things that we decided long ago, for whatever reason, we didn't like or were not important.

Everything evolves and changes. Just living and the passage of time updates things, so that things that were once relegated to the 'not interested' pile, may now be interesting, if we gave them a chance, instead of repeating the thing we have repeated for years - I don't like that!

The truth is - just because you didn't like that years ago - how do you know you won't like it now?

I can think of a lot of things that I updated my views on and all involved a questioning of something I thought was a 'fact'.

When I was very small I didn't like tomato's!
I thought they were horrible things and couldn't work out why anyone would want to eat one. So for years and years whenever the subject of tomato's came up my response was "I don't like tomato's".

Flash forward to a 13 year old girl having a sleepover at a friends house, still awake in the early hours of the morning and whispering in bed so as not to wake the rest of the family, we both agreed we were ravenous! My friend decided to tiptoe downstairs and see if she could find something for us to eat.

Five minutes later, she appeared out of the darkness and handed me my feast - three digestive biscuits and a huge home grown ripe tomato.

I was tired, hungry and taken aback. I was just about to go into my - I don't like tomato's routine, when she looked at me straight in the eyes and said "eat it". I saw her take a big bite out of hers and pull a salt cellar out of her dressing gown pocket that she then sprinkled on the exposed flesh, "like this" she said handing me the salt.

On autopilot, I copied what she had done. It was absolutely delicious and I was totally amazed. I was converted! I love tomato's now and just think, I could have spent the rest of my life trotting out the phrase "I don't like tomato's".

I know that was just a small example and I am sure I could have happily gone through the rest of my life without eating tomato's! but that, and other situations like it, make me wonder how many times in life we are missing out on enjoyable, life enhancing things, through decisions we made long, long ago that we don't even think to question and update?

"While it is wise to accept what we cannot change about ourselves, it is also good to remember that we are never too old to replace discouragement with bits and pieces of confidence and hope." - Elaine N. Aron

I was speaking to a lady quite recently, she was in her early Sixties and had just retired, she asked me about my painting (as I had an exhibition of my paintings at a local library) then said wistfully, I would love to paint but I am not at all creative. I asked her if she had ever tried? "yes, when I was at school but I was useless, the teacher told me that all my proportions were wrong". That was it! 50 years ago and she took one comment and made up her mind she wasn't creative and had been saying it ever since. She loved Art and colour but had never once, even thought of trying again because "she wasn't creative".

This post could go on and on, as I give examples, but I guess by now you have the idea. We are constantly filtering things out of our current experience because of decisions we made years ago that we now accept as 'fact' and no longer question.

I am so glad that some of my 'facts' were challenged, or I would be missing out on some wonderful things.

Would you believe that 10 years ago "I am not partial to Cats and their fur irritates me" used to be a 'fact' for me! I say this with two of my three adorable and much loved cats laying at their spot on the corner of my desk as I type. Thank goodness I updated that belief.

Have you updated any of your beliefs lately?
Can you think of any 'facts' that you could challenge?

I would love to hear your thoughts.


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