A Brief Interlude . . .

Happy Summer Solstice - Let your Inner Sun - S H I N E


a conduit
. . a temple . .

Gossamer threads
connect me
with light

with stardust
with stories

Twin serpents
coil and weave
around my
sturdy spine

caressing bone
creating sparks

My being is
tangled with
all that is

The exhaling
of the universe
etches me
with its


Image and words by Susannah Bec


Where shall we focus our lens? . . .

"Appreciation is yeast, lifting ordinary to extraordinary." - Mary-Ann Petro

Every Sunday over at my other blog The Streaming Now I have been posting snapshots of things I noticed during my week. Most weeks these include photos I have taken of my garden, or of the pretty village I live in. These often draw comments saying how beautiful the village is, or how lovely my garden is.

Now this prompted lots of thought. - You see, if any of these people visited my garden (or my village) expecting only to see the beauty that I show, then they may well be disappointed.

Because, with my camera, as with my life, I get to choose what to focus on.

I could choose to take a photo of the broken paving, the overgrown vegetable patch or the manhole covers in my garden. And around my village instead of taking a photo of the pretty thatched cottage with roses around the door, I could take a photo of the dingy house with a black sheet pinned up at the window in place of curtains.

There have been times when I have been overwhelmed by the glorious colours of autumn trees, lit up and glowing like works of art. While others noticed a drinks can thrown by the side of the road and launched into a rant about the state of the area.

I could choose to focus on the wrongs and let them stop me seeing all of the rights - effectively blinding me to all the beauty that is around me.

We are surrounded by beauty and can make a conscious choice of where we focus our lens. It is really worth considering. . . what are you taking pictures of?

"Keep what is worth keeping - and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away."
- Dinah Mulock Craik


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