Growing Where You Are Planted

"When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance." - Lee Ann Womack

e can find ourselves in places, or positions, in life that are less than ideal. We are sure that life would be easier if things were different, and they probably would be. We bemoan our lot and feel down hearted and disadvantaged by circumstance.

Which is why I was so inspired when I saw this seed that the birds had dropped, it had begun to sprout in a drainpipe on the outside of our house.

It really bought to life the saying grow where you are planted.

There was this little seed having been deposited in the most unlikely and unfortunate place, grabbing hold of life and beginning to grow.

No nice deep bed of fertile soil where it could put down its roots and reach for the sun. But never the less, it was doing its best, living its life... and growing.

I became attached to this little plant. I dribbled water at its roots and when we had really strong winds I tied a bit of twine around the drainpipe to give it support.

I willed it on.

And, though only a fraction of its potential size, it made it. . .

It opened its petals and blossomed!

Surely an inspiration for us! That wherever we are planted, whatever our circumstances, we all have the potential to open our petals, turn our faces to the sun, and bloom!

"Don't let what you cannot do
interfere with what you can do."
- John Wooden


Thinking About The Journey

"Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked,
in which you can walk with love and reverence."
- Henry David Thoreau

You see, I collect trees. . .

They grow in pots, these saplings I've rescued from their inopportune growing places. I give them life, tend them, and watch them flourish.

These trees hold a vision for me. Of a day when I will own the land to plant them in. Land that will become a sanctuary for nature and all her living things. A place that we can all put down deep roots and grow.

Yesterday I was walking in the garden and found this little guy, my latest rescue. The grass in our garden had been left longer than usual before it was cut this time, and there among the grass I found this seedling growing. It must have sprung from the squirrels winter stash, buried in our garden and forgotten about.

If we had been on our usual schedule, the seedling would have been mowed and never seen again. If I hadn't spotted it before the mower got to work later that day, the same would have happened. But I did see it. And I carefully dug it up and planted it in a pot, and it found a home with my other trees.

It got me thinking. It seems to be part of our human nature to have dreams, things that we are heading toward, it appears that is the way of life. Things move, life evolves, and if we have an idea of where we want to go, it helps to guide the unfolding. But I realised that it must never interfere or get in the way of life lived right now. Because life in the moment is what we have.

However wanted our dreams and destinations may be, they may never come to pass, and we must be okay with that knowledge too. We must always be willing to adapt and not get too fixated on outcomes. There can be a tendency to slip into being so busy longing for the destination, that we don't enjoy the journey. But, the journey is all.

The journey IS our life.

So yes, let's steer our lives in the direction we want to go, but never forget to live every moment along the way! And right now my mini arboretum of rescued trees are blowing in the breeze, drinking in the sunshine and doing fine. :-)

Do you have a dream? Do you have anything that symbolises that for you?

Photo and words - Susannah Bec.


A Brief Interlude . . .

Happy Summer Solstice - Let your Inner Sun - S H I N E


a conduit
. . a temple . .

Gossamer threads
connect me
with light

with stardust
with stories

Twin serpents
coil and weave
around my
sturdy spine

caressing bone
creating sparks

My being is
tangled with
all that is

The exhaling
of the universe
etches me
with its


Image and words by Susannah Bec


Where shall we focus our lens? . . .

"Appreciation is yeast, lifting ordinary to extraordinary." - Mary-Ann Petro

Every Sunday over at my other blog The Streaming Now I have been posting snapshots of things I noticed during my week. Most weeks these include photos I have taken of my garden, or of the pretty village I live in. These often draw comments saying how beautiful the village is, or how lovely my garden is.

Now this prompted lots of thought. - You see, if any of these people visited my garden (or my village) expecting only to see the beauty that I show, then they may well be disappointed.

Because, with my camera, as with my life, I get to choose what to focus on.

I could choose to take a photo of the broken paving, the overgrown vegetable patch or the manhole covers in my garden. And around my village instead of taking a photo of the pretty thatched cottage with roses around the door, I could take a photo of the dingy house with a black sheet pinned up at the window in place of curtains.

There have been times when I have been overwhelmed by the glorious colours of autumn trees, lit up and glowing like works of art. While others noticed a drinks can thrown by the side of the road and launched into a rant about the state of the area.

I could choose to focus on the wrongs and let them stop me seeing all of the rights - effectively blinding me to all the beauty that is around me.

We are surrounded by beauty and can make a conscious choice of where we focus our lens. It is really worth considering. . . what are you taking pictures of?

"Keep what is worth keeping - and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away."
- Dinah Mulock Craik

Voices . . . Yet Another Tiny Tale

"Your gift will come as soon
as you are ready to receive it."
- Alan Cohen

She had such simple grace, like a blessing bestowed. Tall and thin like a reed, she swayed as she walked and her skirts swished around her ankles like a willow in the wind. She exuded a calm confidence and the aura of one who was grounded and secure in her being and when she spoke, the room quietened, hushed to a whisper as she held them spellbound with her voice. It was pure and clear, and as she sang, the notes were like a bird rising up into a brilliant blue sky.

When she finally fell silent the audience were all of a jitter, sensing they had been witness to something extraordinary. They were already mourning its loss as the reverberations of her voice disappeared into the ether and left them once again alone. These people, who for brief moments had been borne aloft, tranported by the magic that she had bought into the room, were left floundering. Clutching at the feelings that made their mundane world seem lifeless and without colour in comparison.

When she got to her feet to leave, in unison they began a mournfull chant that echoed and rang like a bell. Surging and pounding in its intensity, a dirge that accompanied her to the big wooden doors that marked her exit. One hand on the door, she paused and stood so still it was as though she had been cast in alabaster. Slowly she bought her graceful finger up to her rosebud lips and the ear splitting sound dropped like a stone. The silence was so heavy with expectation it had a palpable weight.

She turned to face them, and stood knee deep in the quiet that had descended. Her shining eyes returned their gaze as she whispered. . . "join with me."

From deep in her throat came a note that split the heavy silence, and energised the air with dancing light. She threw back her head and lifted her arms as the note increased in intensity.

One by one the assembled crowd became a choir, and the room and the people were filled with all they had sensed in her performance earlier, and they were no longer alone.

They were as one and they were magnificent.

She quietly opened the door and slipped away leaving them lost in their rapture, they had no more need of her. They had found their own voices.

For another tiny tale - click here

Images and words by Susannah Bec.


Clapping and Ringing Bells!

Space Clearing, Spring Cleaning and Revitalising the Energy of your Home.

Even though it may not feel it on this chilly first day of February, Spring will soon be with us and with the emerging bulbs and the longer days invariably comes the urge to throw off winter and get ready for Spring.

We all know that clearing clutter in our homes makes us feel better. When things are in order and we have more space around us it affects how we feel inside. Spring cleaning is good for the soul.

Our surroundings affect us in so many ways.
In dream interpretation a house is seen as a representation of ourselves, and in waking life too, the home can be read like that.

By looking at our home in a different way and with an understanding of its symbolic nature, we can, with a kind of sympathetic magic alter and affect the energy of our home and by correspondence our selves.

Here are ten tips to get your home energised and ready for Spring...

  1. Clear clutter! If you think of your home as a reflection of your self, you will understand the importance of this. Get rid of stuff or put it in order and tidy it away out of sight.

    If there are spots that get regularly cluttered, put a big vase of flowers or a fruit bowl there instead. Don't give it any room to get cluttered.

  2. Look at what you are holding on to?

    Are you holding on to objects that you don't like? Presents or keepsakes from people you have negative feelings about? Are you keeping anything that makes you sad? or that bring unhappy feelings. Do you keep things out of obligation?

    Think of these things as having residence in your psyche, taking up space. Think if you really want those things around any more. Things are not people, it is okay to let them go.

  3. Clean, sweep, polish. Pay special attention to corners and under things. 'Don't sweep things under the carpet.'

  4. Now you have got your home physically clean, lets move on to think of the things in your home symbolically. Look around at the images in your home. How do they make you feel?

    Does your life feels stagnant and boring? Perhaps think of changing the still peaceful landscape picture for something involving movement and excitement.

    Life too busy? Surround yourself with peaceful tranquil images.

    Are you looking for love? Do your images reflect solitary figures? Replace them with something that says 'love' to you.

  5. Now some feng shui basics, whether you believe in it or not, the very act of you deliberately placing objects with intent is a powerful one and will have an affect.

    Stand in the doorway to any room in your home, now looking inside the far right corner is the relationship corner. Put something there that symbolises a happy relationship for you. Things in pairs are good, healthy plants, use your imagination find something that symbolises that to you.

    Now look to the far left corner, that is your money corner! Again use your imagination here!

    In mine I have a jade plant (money tree) and standing beneath it is a smiling fat happiness buddha with his hands in the air, he is also a money box and has a slot in the back of his head that regularly gets a pound coin or two dropped inside.

    What could you use in your corner?

    The centre of a room, or your house as a whole, represents health.

    I knew a lady who had chronic illness and pain. I was walking up the staircase in the very centre of her home and noticed that the whole stairwell was filled with etchings of hunting scenes with animals caught in traps. She was seeing suffering every time she passed by. I had to say something, it just stuck out as so obvious. She listened and replaced them with tranquil landscapes that denoted peace to her.

    Look at the centre of your home in that light. You don't have to have anything symbolic there, just make sure that it is clean and uncluttered.

  6. Make sure all the mirrors and windows are clean (I am groaning as I look at mine.) They represent clear vision. We all want to be able to see clearly and for our reflections to be clean and bright. Sorry to be making work for you. :-)

  7. Open the windows and doors let some fresh air in. Make sure all doors open freely and are not blocked or cluttered. Again think symbolically.

  8. Now all the clearing and fresh air should have got the place feeling great, but there is one final step to get the place sparkling and to move any stagnant energy especially in the corners.

    This is a really interesting exercise because if you listen carefully you can actually hear the results. You can just use your hands, or if you have a small bell with a really pure clear note you can use that too. The object here is to move the energy, disperse it, liven it up.

    Stand in a room and clap your hands and listen carefully to how it sounds, you are looking for a loud resounding clap. Now go and stand in the corner of a room and clap your hand there and listen again. In some places the sound will sound dull, a sign you need to keep clapping in that spot until you get a clear sound. Clap up and down, floor to ceiling, until the sound has a crisp ring to it and the dull sound has gone.

    Follow the same procedure if you are using the bell. The sound waves move the air and the energy, and you can hear by listening to the tone when the energy is finally clear.

    Energy in corners tends to get stagnant and is usually where you find the dull tones. If you have already used the rest of these steps, the energy should be pretty clear anyway.

    Also useful to freshen the atmosphere of a room after an illness or argument.

  9. Now your home should be sparkling and feel very different to when you started. If you want to at this point you can imagine each room filled with a sparkling white light. Make sure to breathe it in and fill yourself up too!

  10. Take some time to observe your surrounding with the mind set that they are a reflection of you and your psyche. Does your home reflect who you are now?

    What can be done to make it an accurate reflection of you now?
I will be doing this as soon as Spring fever hits! For now I shall look around my home and check if it is a good up to date reflection for me. I'll take special notice of the blind spots, the things I'm so used to, that I don't even 'see' any more. Oooh, I am exhausted thinking about it! I think I need a cup of tea. :-).

Do you want one?

"I will act as if I do make a difference." - William James


Blocked Doorways

"The art of life lies in a constant readjustment
to our surroundings."
- Okakura Kakuzo

I was walking around our village the other day when I noticed this blocked up doorway. The funny thing is that it must have always been there and I must have passed it a hundred times and just never noticed it before.

This time it stuck out like a beacon, prompting me to take this picture. It seemed like such a potent image, this place that once allowed access and now is just part of a wall.

My first thought was that the image was so powerful because of what it represented. It was a blocked entrance rendering the doorway impassable. It said STOP, no entry, and all that that symbolised led to my initial thought that it was somehow a negative thing.

Then I let the image sit with me for a while and realised that most blocked doorways are like that because they have outlived their usefulness. They are no longer needed and it is good that most of these old doorways are sealed off, preventing us from going over old ground, revisiting things and places that are no longer ours.

As the saying goes 'One door shuts and another opens' and I am sure that most of those old doorways have now been replaced with new doorways that lead to fresh paths and vistas that are significant and pertinent to those who wish to use them.

"We must be aware not to wait too long at old doorways
for new doorways are always being opened up."

How do you feel when you look at the picture? What is your immediate response?


Shall We Stop Waiting For The Magic?

"It is always your next move." - Napoleon Hill

A few days ago I was returning a visit to someone who left a nice comment on one of my blogs, when I came across the post A New Year's Epiphany and I was amazed at the response it bought up in me.

As I began reading, I found part of me screaming, "No, no, don't say that, don't shatter my illusions." But by the time I had reached the end, my initial feeling of dismay had dissolved into a feeling of excitement. I then realised what a profound and powerful piece of writing it was.

A New Year's Epiphany

I will never win the lottery and be able to quit my job.

I will never buy a chocolate bar and find a golden ticket inside.

There is no knight in shining armor coming to rescue me.

Prince Charming will not appear at my door, holding a glass slipper.

Fairy Godmothers and magic wands do not exist.

I am responsible for my own happily ever after.

For years, that used to terrify me.

But now, it excites me to no end.
- by VL Sheridan

When I analysed the feelings it had bought up within me I began to understand that however 'together' I thought I was, that subconsciously some of my energy was still tied up waiting for the magic.

Now don't get me wrong, I believe that there are moments of magic scattered throughout our journey if we know how to look for them. And that is good, and that is wonderful, and who knows, we may well be one of the ones who does win a lottery, or find a golden ticket!

But what is not wonderful, is putting off the full expression of our life because we are waiting for something. Because on some level we are hanging on for our lucky break, our prince charming or our fairy godmother.

We may not consciously be doing that, I didn't think I was until I reacted to those words!

Then I wondered, what if under the surface that hope is still lingering in other people too? and using up vital energy like a tv on standby.

We grew up with childhood tales of magic, fairy tales and happy ever after and part of us still clings to that, as a bright star flickering in the sometimes dark sky of our reality. Perhaps it serves some sort of psychological purpose? but it also disempowers us.

While we are still carrying those feelings, those hopes and dreams tucked away under the surface, stashed in some secret pocket of ourself. Then we are functioning below our potential, we are waiting for rescue, for something external to fix things. We are not giving our all to our lives here and now.

That is why the end of A New Years Epiphany is so empowering...

"I am responsible for my own happily ever after."

We don't need fairy godmothers and magic wands.

We don't have to wait for someone or something to give us what we need.

We can stop stifling our energy and being good girls and boys awaiting Santa Claus.

We can stand up, step into our own power and take responsibility right here and right now for creating our own happy ever after.

I am up for that! Are you?

"The key to your universe is that you can choose. " - Frederick Frieseke

A New Year's Epiphany it is much appreciated.

Image by Susannah Bec.


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