Blocked Doorways

"The art of life lies in a constant readjustment
to our surroundings."
- Okakura Kakuzo

I was walking around our village the other day when I noticed this blocked up doorway. The funny thing is that it must have always been there and I must have passed it a hundred times and just never noticed it before.

This time it stuck out like a beacon, prompting me to take this picture. It seemed like such a potent image, this place that once allowed access and now is just part of a wall.

My first thought was that the image was so powerful because of what it represented. It was a blocked entrance rendering the doorway impassable. It said STOP, no entry, and all that that symbolised led to my initial thought that it was somehow a negative thing.

Then I let the image sit with me for a while and realised that most blocked doorways are like that because they have outlived their usefulness. They are no longer needed and it is good that most of these old doorways are sealed off, preventing us from going over old ground, revisiting things and places that are no longer ours.

As the saying goes 'One door shuts and another opens' and I am sure that most of those old doorways have now been replaced with new doorways that lead to fresh paths and vistas that are significant and pertinent to those who wish to use them.

"We must be aware not to wait too long at old doorways
for new doorways are always being opened up."

How do you feel when you look at the picture? What is your immediate response?


Shall We Stop Waiting For The Magic?

"It is always your next move." - Napoleon Hill

A few days ago I was returning a visit to someone who left a nice comment on one of my blogs, when I came across the post A New Year's Epiphany and I was amazed at the response it bought up in me.

As I began reading, I found part of me screaming, "No, no, don't say that, don't shatter my illusions." But by the time I had reached the end, my initial feeling of dismay had dissolved into a feeling of excitement. I then realised what a profound and powerful piece of writing it was.

A New Year's Epiphany

I will never win the lottery and be able to quit my job.

I will never buy a chocolate bar and find a golden ticket inside.

There is no knight in shining armor coming to rescue me.

Prince Charming will not appear at my door, holding a glass slipper.

Fairy Godmothers and magic wands do not exist.

I am responsible for my own happily ever after.

For years, that used to terrify me.

But now, it excites me to no end.
- by VL Sheridan

When I analysed the feelings it had bought up within me I began to understand that however 'together' I thought I was, that subconsciously some of my energy was still tied up waiting for the magic.

Now don't get me wrong, I believe that there are moments of magic scattered throughout our journey if we know how to look for them. And that is good, and that is wonderful, and who knows, we may well be one of the ones who does win a lottery, or find a golden ticket!

But what is not wonderful, is putting off the full expression of our life because we are waiting for something. Because on some level we are hanging on for our lucky break, our prince charming or our fairy godmother.

We may not consciously be doing that, I didn't think I was until I reacted to those words!

Then I wondered, what if under the surface that hope is still lingering in other people too? and using up vital energy like a tv on standby.

We grew up with childhood tales of magic, fairy tales and happy ever after and part of us still clings to that, as a bright star flickering in the sometimes dark sky of our reality. Perhaps it serves some sort of psychological purpose? but it also disempowers us.

While we are still carrying those feelings, those hopes and dreams tucked away under the surface, stashed in some secret pocket of ourself. Then we are functioning below our potential, we are waiting for rescue, for something external to fix things. We are not giving our all to our lives here and now.

That is why the end of A New Years Epiphany is so empowering...

"I am responsible for my own happily ever after."

We don't need fairy godmothers and magic wands.

We don't have to wait for someone or something to give us what we need.

We can stop stifling our energy and being good girls and boys awaiting Santa Claus.

We can stand up, step into our own power and take responsibility right here and right now for creating our own happy ever after.

I am up for that! Are you?

"The key to your universe is that you can choose. " - Frederick Frieseke

A New Year's Epiphany it is much appreciated.

Image by Susannah Bec.


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