Sunday Thoughts

Sometimes you need to define what it is for you. What is the purpose of this wild and crazy life, where is your place in the scheme of things.

Will you plod steady down the centre path of your life, or skirt the edges, dancing with shadows, listening to the music that is yours alone to hear.

Will you sparkle and shine and burn with passing passions, reflecting the lights of the peripheral and almost unseen.

Or do you want to sink roots deep into the black earth and remain steady, growing branches, sprouting leaves, reaching for the sky.

Do you run, do you walk, or do you sit and wait for the sparkling moments to blow through your hair.


Barbara Scully said...

Lovely words and thoughts Susannah... and I am wondering if we each fit into one category or skip about from one to another. Sometimes I feel sparkly and energetic and others I identify with the tree earthed into the ground, sprouting branches and reaching for the sky!

And on a Sunday I generally do neither. I am probably in my rock state then!!!!

Susannah said...

. . . yes, I think I have lived in all of those different ways at various times during my life, and sometimes while living one way, the urge for another can be triggered, perhaps as a balance to what has gone before.

For the moment though, I am content to sit and let the sparkling moments blow through my hair... :-)

Thanks for the comment Barbara - x


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