Connecting to the Earth

"Nature holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth,
renewal, and transformation in our lives." - Mary Ann Brussat

Today a friend and I were talking about how it is so easy to get disconnected from nature in the midst of modern life - and I remembered the time I took a visitor that lived in the heart of London to a local woodland to walk its trails. She looked around in horror! before exclaiming -

"but there's nothing here but bloody trees!" :-)

I believe we're a part of nature and that it is vital for our wellbeing. Even the simple fact of noticing the breeze on our skin, the sun on our faces acknowledges that connection.

Getting in touch with nature helps us to get in touch with our own 'nature'.

If we become
disconnected and
separated from nature
then we step out of alignment
and we start to entangle ourselves
in the wrappers of the man made world.
We start to believe that that's all there is
the cities, concrete, cars, and the 'things'
(there are always SO many 'things')
and all of the unimportant things
wrap around us...like vines
creeping and covering us
until we can not breathe
until our connection
has been cut.

So we wander alone
through those city streets
and turn on a television to see
what todays weather is going to be
and we forget to look at the sky
and walk on the green grass
springy under our feet.
We begin to believe
that the world
is cold, hard


if we step out
into the wild places,
the forests, the fields,
the mountains, the oceans,
places beating with the pulse,
the heartbeat of life itself, and
we attune again to natures voice
begin to dance those rhythms
then all of the life force
laying subdued
within us...
will come


"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves." - John Muir

Words written today
originally posted on Out of My Ocean
until I decided they would be better suited here.
Photo: A moss heart thatgrew on a big rock in our garden. :-)


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I thought I commented on this, but maybe not......I love this, of course,the natural world being as necessary to me as breath - love the part about the vines cutting off our connection..........love the last stanza, where we step out into nature and come back alive. Wonderful. I love every word.

Susannah said...

Hi Sherry, sorry for confusing you! I originally posted it on my poetry blog and then decided it would be good to post it here too.

Thanks very much for your comment, it is much appreciated. :-)

Suz said...

oh I am a wild wench of nature's
it is lifeblood
good post and poem

Ann said...

This is beautiful Susannah! It is the ocean that soothes my soul. It is always beautiful no matter its mood.

Maya said...

i love the picture :)
i wondered how whatever it was, was so perfectly heart-shaped! now i know :)

Punam said...

Hi Susannah, I love your work here. I am glad I stumbled upon your blog. Shall return to read more soon!

Barbara Scully said...

Beautiful post susannah and i so agree. we lose our 'groundedness' when we we dont connect with nature. As I get older I feel this connection more keenly, and most especially at this time of year when the Earth is preparing for the sleep of winter. I love autumn and feeling the rhythms of the seasons. I really should be living in the countryside! Thanks for his post and your beautiful words

jaerose said...

Hi Susannah - your poem is beautiful both in words and shape (it must have taken some effort to sculpt those lines!) I must admit sometimes I am like your friend in the 'there's nothing but bloody trees' feeling but nature doesn't have to be so wild. Even looking out the window or listening to the birds when you wake up reminds you of what's out there. Lovely mossy-heart too! Thanks for your vist.Jae

joehebden said...

I think most humans have become too disconnected from nature; so many gadgets and distractions these days.

Jennifer said...

This is wonderful. And I couldn't agree with you more. I think one of the reasons we've lost our ability to concentrate is because we have lost our connection to the magnificent planet we live on.

Well... not all of us... :-)

Susannah said...

Suz, I know how connected you are with nature and that you, more than most don't need reminding. ;-)

Good to see you. x

Ann, I love the Ocean too, what a magnificent thing it is, I wish I didn't live so far from it...

Thanks as always for your kind words and for your visit.x

Maya, there is a wonderful story attached to that moss heart in the photo. We were having to leave our home that we had lived in for seven years, we loved the place and it loved us back. We were about to leave when I took a last look around 'my' garden and saw that heart growing on the huge rock I used to sit on. A message? I like to think it was...

Good to see you here Maya. :-)

Punam, I am glad you found my blog I hope to see you again. It is good to meet you. :-)

Barbara, yes, you can really feel autumn in the air, soon there will be the glorious glowing colours of the leaves lit by the low afternoon sun....aaah wonderful!

Good to see you. x

Jaerose, believe it or not I didn't sculpt the poem to look like that! - most of it came out that way, though I did alter two lines at the end to fit in, when I saw the wonderful shape had it made.

Thanks very much for visiting it is good to see you here. :-)

Joehebden, yes you are right there are SO many distractions but I do believe we can get a balance, technology is good we just need to remember to feel the breeze and listen to the birdsong too. :-)

Good to meet you, thanks for visiting. :-)

Jennifer, I know that you too really relish your connection to nature. ;-)

It is always really good to see you . x

Vania Moreira said...

Hi Susannah! Nice blog, as cool as the "Incredible Joy one"! I liked the poem and pics!
Greetings from Brazil!

Helen said...

This is SOOOOOOOO wonderful on so many levels! Living in the green state of Oregon provides me with nature on a grand scale everywhere I go.

Thanks for visiting me ... I love the red dress too. (Maybe you could hitch a ride cross the pond with Mr. Jude?)

Susannah said...

Vania, good to see you, I am glad you made your way here, thanks for the visit. :-)

Helen, I am glad you liked the 'red dress' choice. :-) Good to see you here, thanks very much for visiting.


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