We come with a built-in SatNav as standard

"The struggle to learn to listen to and respect our own intuitive,
inner promptings is the greatest challenge of all." - Herb Goldberg

Recently we had reason to visit a distant town we had never been to before. Unlike a few years ago where we would have pored over the map, plotted the route then asked for directions to the actual street when we reached the town, we just programmed the address into our SatNav and sat back and enjoyed the trip.

We took a leisurely drive absolutely certain that even though we didn't know the route, if we followed the directions to turn here, or go straight ahead, we would be taken to the destination we had programmed in. Even when we took a detour on route, stopping for snacks or following an interesting signpost, we were sure that the SatNav would get us back on track with its 'turn round when you get the chance' voice, and constant and comforting refrain of 'recalculating route'.

We didn't doubt, or once get the map out to double check, we trusted that even though we didn't know the way, if we followed and listened to the voice each step of the way, we would get to exactly where we wanted to be.

"Intuition is the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer." - Robert Graves

Now this got us talking and we likened it to our journey through life and the address we are programming in, being like a goal, or something we wanted to head towards. Now of course, we could read books, pore over maps and logically work out the route. Or we could trust that we have our own internal SatNav, our intuition, our subconscious, that inbuilt sense that lives beneath and behind our rational mind.

So, if we know for sure where we want to head (very important) and we listen and feel for clues (our instincts/intuition/internal SatNav) and then trust each step as it appears, then maybe our own internal SatNav will guide us to our destination.

It takes guts to trust your inbuilt guidance system like that, to sit back and enjoy the ride when you can't see the whole route. Sometimes you will feel that you are going in a completely unrelated direction to where you want to end up. That is when your logical mind will step in and tell you that you are crazy! ;-) but from my experience you get lead to your 'destination' in the most amazing ways that you would never have envisaged with your logical mind, the detours and back roads are often short cuts. So trust that when a signpost appears you will recognise it and follow its pointers.

"When you let intution have its way with you, you open up new levels of the world. Such opening-up is the most practical of all activities." - Evelyn Underhill

We are not used to giving up control like that and it makes us uneasy, but as with all things the more you do it, the more you trust it. So why not start small and do some experiments with the concept. Recognise which is your internal SatNav voice and follow the directions! Before you know it you may be enjoying the scenery on route and letting your internal SatNav deal with details.

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is so true. It is hard to give up the illusion that we are driving our own boat but, when we trust that inner knowing and begin to flow with the river, it takes us to places we never could have dreamed. Great post!

Suz said...

We will be just driving self guided this weekend through Iowa farmland...pumpkns,indian corn,gourds..fields of gold
So...a novel...maybe
I have been working on one for years..several false starts..maybe this is a call to finish
I certainly will visit your sister..I may have already..loved the catepillars...
so I'm not your only sister!
luv to you that shiny red heart

Susannah said...

Hi Sherry, yes flowing with the river is the thing to do.

Thanks for visiting. :-)

Susannah said...

Suz...'Iowa farmland... pumpkns,indian corn,gourds..fields of gold' sounds so wonderfully poetic, I bet it will be beautiful!

I would love to read your novel - get it finished! ;-) I have never written anything much longer than a blog post before now!

Thanks for the visit to my sister, I know she'll appreciate it, (and you are still my soul sis!) lol

Love to you too, it is always good to see you. x

Maya said...

susannah! really good one... question is how do we distinguish our SatNav from the innumerable chatter going on inside? wish we could peep in and say there it is...! and follow its guidance :)

Susannah said...

Hi Maya, good question.

With me, I tend to trust my first initial feeling response to things, as once the mind starts talking it can and does get confusing! LOL

With mind stuff and left brain logical stuff, it is so easy to talk yourself into or out of anything. So it is in that split second before the mind starts rationalising that the instincts/intuition is accessed.

Also in our responses to things that we don't particularly have to think about, because often our internal guidance system will follow the path of least resistance, which usually takes us on unusual routes! As to take the straight route we would perhaps run up against the 'blockages' our rational minds can put up to things, these roadblocks can be skirted by following the flow of instincts.

Thanks for dropping in it's always good to see you Maya. :-)

Jennifer said...

Nice one! I love the metaphor, and gave lots of food for thought.

Susannah said...

Thanks Jennifer, good to see you. ;-)

Ellen said...

Hi Susannah, I haven't been online much over the summer, but I'm glad to make contact with you again. I really loved this post. I relate so much to it. I have to laugh because I have a hard time depending on the GPS! No wonder I have trouble with control issues in my own life. This has given me pause for thought. Thanks so much. Blessings!

Susannah said...

Hi Ellen, good to see you again! :-)

Yes, I do know what you mean about the 'control' thing! LOL - I have to give myself reminders too! It is not always a natural thing to go with the flow, is it.

I hope all is well with you. x

Michaela said...

Your experience and your advice remind me on our last trip to England. It was this summer. I planed it as always what means I even bought roadmaps! Can you imagine? roadmaps..!! My friend drove the first day so it was him who had to get us out from London. My poor and yet brave friend drove (on the right side of course) and I thought I could lead him the way with the help of the roadmap on my lap. Well, without any word he suddenly installed a SatNav in the car. But the way he looked at me and my roadmaps.. this look I will never forget :-)

Susannah said...

Michaela, you made me smile with your descriptions. :-) I hope you had a good trip even if you didn't get to use your maps. ;-)

Thanks for visiting, it is always good to see you. x

tamara hellgren said...

What a perfect metaphor! Funny how we are more likely to put our trust in a piece of manmade equipment than our own intuition. But I think with a little attention and practice that can change :)

Susannah said...

Hi Tamara, good to see you. :-)


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